Price Transparency

Motoring Offences

We conduct work representing people facing a motoring summons in the magistrates’ court. Firstly, you could choose to pay our fees at the hourly rate of £150 plus VAT for the time we spend on your case. The work conducted at this rate incudes all traveling, waiting, preparing your case and conducting hearings. In addition, we will also charge you for our mileage incurred travelling in the course of your case art the rate of 45p per mile and you will also be charged for other expenses incurred e.g. car parking.
If your case involves the work of a non-lawyer, e.g. a doctor, an interpreter or an expert then that person’s fee will be charged in addition.

We also require payments on account throughout the course of your case of £600 each payable within 7 days of our requesting payment.

Secondly, we are also able to offer fixed fees for the work we do. There are three possible fees that might apply and the lawyer attending upon you will indicate which fee applies to your scenario. If your case appears to be a straightforward trial, we can offer a fixed fee of £2000 plus VAT. If your case is to be determined across two hearings then the fixed fee is £1000 plus VAT. If your case is to be completed in a single hearing then the fixed fee is £500 plus VAT. If you agree to a fixed fee then the fee includes all legal work done on your behalf and the expenses incurred by the lawyers. The only thing excluded from the fee is the cost of any work conducted by a non-lawyer (e.g. for doctors or experts reports or interpreter’s fees).

You should be aware that the fee will be applied irrespective of the amount of work that we have to do on your behalf – for example, if you agree to pay a fixed fee and the following day the prosecution drop the proceedings against you, you will still be liable to us for the fixed fee you have agreed to. On the other hand, if we end up doing far more work than we would ordinarily do for the fixed fee then the loss is ours and you will not be charged any more.

In a typical case where a person intends to plead guilty, then that plea and sentence happens at the first hearing and the case is concluded on the same day. Where there might be a trial or a hearing set up to specifically consider special reasons to not disqualify a person, or exceptional hardship, then you should expect there to be two hearings. Where a person pleads not guilty, then a typical case requires at least two hearings and sometimes a third before it is concluded.

All of the motoring legal work is conducted by qualified solicitors, all of whom are experienced advocates. If we delegate your trial to a barrister, we will ensure you are involved in that process and that an advocate of suitable experience is instructed. All solicitors are supervised by a solicitor or a partner of the firm.