Dishonesty Offences

Allegations of dishonesty and fraud can take many forms. As the internet has grown, fraud has become an ever-increasing issue.

We recognise that an allegation of a dishonesty offence has the potential of causing wide-ranging damage to a reputation or livelihood.

We offer expertise and peace of mind in the following areas:

  • Theft from Person/Shop;
  • Theft from Employer/ Breach of Trust or Confidence;
  • Credit Card Fraud;
  • Revenue Fraud;
  • Benefit Fraud;
  • Mortgage Fraud;
  • Internet Fraud;
  • Counterfeit Goods;
  • Money Laundering;
  • Banking/Insurance Fraud.

Oslers Partners

  • Mary E. Cleaver LLB (Hons)
  • Claire R. Lockwood LLB (Hons)
  • James S. Yardy LLM