Criminal Offences

Representation at the police station:

For persons who have been arrested or invited to attend the police station to be interviewed regarding an allegation, this can often be a frightening and uncertain time.
We pride ourselves in being able to provide 24 hour legal advice at the police station, 365 days of the year.

We cover a wide geographical area of East Anglia, ranging from Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and beyond.

Our team combines a thorough knowledge of the law, experience when dealing with the police together with a sensitive yet professional approach when representing our clients.

Our advice at the police station is free of charge and will not delay the process.

Cases in the Magistrates’ Court:

Our team of highly experienced lawyers are on hand to act for clients required to attend proceedings in the Magistrates’ Court. We offer a full range of support, legal assistance and advocacy through all stages of the Magistrates’ Court process.

With our local knowledge and expertise, our extremely effective team are able to provide an outstanding service to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

Legal Aid may be available to those who meet the Means Test criteria, however should this not be the case we offer a very competitive fixed fee package.

Crown Court cases

Oslers Solicitors have a wealth of experience when dealing with serious, often high profile cases that are heard in the Crown Court.

For cases such as murder, manslaughter, robbery, sexual offences, fraud, drug offences and serious violent offences, we have a dedicated Crown Court team who instruct barristers from some of the best Criminal Chambers in the country to provide our clients with a tailor-made service.

Sexual Offences

Being involved in a sexual offence investigation can be an emotional and extremely stressful time.

All cases are dealt with in a non-judgmental, discreet and sensitive way.

We have a reputation for providing an exceptional service in the following areas:

  • Sexual Offences - Both current and historic;
  • Rape;
  • Possession/ Distribution of Indecent Images;
  • Causing/ Inciting Sexual Activity with Children;
  • Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation.

Dishonesty Offences

Allegations of dishonesty and fraud can take many forms. As the internet has grown, fraud has become an ever-increasing issue.

We recognise that an allegation of a dishonesty offence has the potential of causing wide-ranging damage to a reputation or livelihood.

We offer expertise and peace of mind in the following areas:

  • Theft from Person/Shop;
  • Theft from Employer/ Breach of Trust or Confidence;
  • Credit Card Fraud;
  • Revenue Fraud;
  • Benefit Fraud;
  • Mortgage Fraud;
  • Internet Fraud;
  • Counterfeit Goods;
  • Money Laundering;
  • Banking/Insurance Fraud.

Road Traffic

The quality of our service has allowed Oslers Solicitors to grow and be one of the largest providers of expert criminal advice and representation in the East of England. We have a strong record in representing clients facing motoring prosecutions and are proud of our success in this field.

We deal with all motoring cases:

  • Speeding;
  • Drink/Drug Driving;
  • Careless/Dangerous Driving;
  • Causing Death;
  • Failing to Stop/ Failing to Report;
  • No Insurance;
  • Road Haulage Offences.

At Oslers Solicitors we are acutely aware that any driver can have a brush with the law. They may face the prospect of a disqualification and the loss of their licence. This can have a profound effect on their income, family and quality of life.

Our legal team are here to provide an expert service to argue your case and fight your corner.

We offer a range of fixed fees so you know exactly how much your case will cost.

Oslers Partners

  • Mary E. Cleaver LLB (Hons)
  • Claire R. Lockwood LLB (Hons)
  • James S. Yardy LLM